Best Monitor Setup for Web Development

Over the years I have messed around with various monitor setups, both for gaming and for web design and development work. I could never quite settle on my favourite combination. Should I use one, two or three monitors or one really big monitor on its own? I would change the setup as often as I would have haircuts (when I had hair).

So, today I am going to pass on to you the pros and cons of various desktop monitor layouts and then I’ll let you know what my personal best monitor setup for web development is in the conclusion. Continue reading “Best Monitor Setup for Web Development”

Raspberry Pi Web Server. Does it work?


For the past few years, I have run a few websites on a Raspberry Pi 3B at home. I decided to do this just because I like to do some general tinkering with gadgets, but also because I thought it would be a cheaper way of hosting websites. Continue reading “Raspberry Pi Web Server. Does it work?”

Does anyone care if your website is ugly?

Think about your favourite website. Do you love how Facebook immediately serves up your friends’ updates and interests? Or is Amazon your first choice for effortless shopping list-making? Does the simplicity of Google’s search page make you feel more in charge of the Internet? Maybe a website makes you feel special and cared for. Or maybe the experience is so seamless that you don’t even think about it at all. Continue reading “Does anyone care if your website is ugly?”

What your website should say about you?

You know you want a website but where do you go from there? Most people think just having a website is as simple as knocking out any old design that shows a few photos and has a phone number. But your website should be much more. A good website should project professionalism about you and your business. A bad DIY website will simply not encourage prospective clients to call on your services. Continue reading “What your website should say about you?”

Should your small business have a website?

Should your small business have a website? With costs being negligible at the entry level, it makes sound business sense for even small companies to have a website. You may be asking what are the benefits. Here is a brief outline of how a website can improve your business. Continue reading “Should your small business have a website?”