Small Business Website Design and Hosting


You have landed here because you are interested in small business website design and hosting, presumably for your own business. At least, I hope you want to learn more about starting your own website, as I am about to guide you on how you can do this professionally and in a way that will ensure you make a potent impact on your potential clients. So let’s get into it. Continue reading “Small Business Website Design and Hosting”

How Technology Can Increase Your Business Profits


You want your business to make money and save money where it can. But how can you achieve this? It is possible to use technology to your advantage and I am going to offer you a quick guide on how technology can increase your business profits. Continue reading “How Technology Can Increase Your Business Profits”

Why Create a Virtual Machine for Web Development?


What is a virtual machine (VM)? A virtual machine is a fresh install of an operating system into a container on your main operating system (OS). This VM doesn’t replace your existing OS install, it sits on top of your current OS and is a walled garden. Changes made in the VM do not affect your OS on your PC. Continue reading “Why Create a Virtual Machine for Web Development?”

Setting up a web design project folder structure

Setting up a web design project folder structure that is logical and organised is important in keeping track of client work files. In this video, I will show you how I set up projects for clients.

There is no hard and fast rule on how to set up a folder structure for clients. But you should always try to keep your files organised. This ensures that if you have to do work for the same client at a later date, you will not spend too long trying to remember how you approached the project in the first instance.