Learning WordPress from Scratch

For many years I resisted the temptation to use WordPress.  I felt that I would learn more about web development if I built websites from scratch.  Whilst I did indeed learn more, it also became apparent that every website development agency was using this platform, therefore I should learn it.  I decided to take the plunge and learn more about it.

I began by watching videos in YouTube.  This is a handy method of learning.  You can see the WordPress admin interface and watch someone navigate around it.  However, I did not find this the optimal way to learn.  I have always preferred having a reference guide by my side, i.e. a book.  With a book I can flick through the pages and read/modify code.  No more repeatedly seeking the correct location in videos.

One of the better books for beginners is WordPress Complete.  This book assumes you know nothing and guides you through content creation.  Furthermore, as you progress, the chapters get more advanced.  Examining PHP code and plugin creations.  It’s a good place to start your journey.

This very website was built using WordPress and much of my knowledge came from this book. Just click back to the home page and see what can be achieved.

You can download the WordPress setup files from here. The book will provide detailed instructions on how to install these setup files. There are different ways to get started with the setup but I prefer the manual method. However, many web hosting providers have a quick setup feature that will install the setup files for you, so you don’t really need to have much knowledge to get started. I do believe that when starting out it is worth exploring how to do this yourself. For your own learning more than anything else. But the choice is yours. Happy WordPressing!

WordPress Complete – Sixth Edition: A comprehensive guide to WordPress development from scratch