My web developer portfolio includes a selection of recent or complex projects I’ve worked on. I’ve tried to include different categories of website projects, as well as some websites that are design-oriented, others that are development oriented and demonstrate my knowledge of various programming languages.

These web projects range across different business sectors. Fom an educational website, Ecommerce website, Content Management System projects, creative portfolio, photography portfolio, small businesses and other web design projects.

I have a high retention rate for clients with most using my services multiple times. I always aim for a satisfied client base.

I change this list from time to time. I don’t include everything I’ve ever worked on at any given time. I don’t want to bore you with too many different projects in the one sitting.


Pub Crawler

Platform: Cordova/Android


Imalmo Development

Platform: Bootstrap/HTML5/CSS3/PHP


Fictional Band

Platform: ASP.Net, MSSQL and C#

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