Should your small business have a website?

Should your small business have a website? With costs being negligible at the entry level, it makes sound business sense for even small companies to have a website. You may be asking what are the benefits. Here is a brief outline of how a website can improve your business.

Low-Cost Advertising

After the initial setup cost, you will essentially have free advertising. The only outgoing payments you will have is for your web hosting. This is much cheaper than canvassing potential customers, buying adverts in publications or printing flyers. Additionally, the reach of your business will be wider. Anyone, anywhere in the World could potentially be a customer.

Websites can be affordable for small businesses.

First Point of Contact for Customers

Do people bother looking up a phone directory when looking for business in 2018? I know I certainly do not. If I need a plumber or an electrician the first action I take is to search online. The company I usually contact is the company with the most informative website.


Increased visibility and transparency reassures customers. They can research your services and be sure you are the right company for them to use. Knowing you have a professional online presence gives them confidence that you are a company that can be trusted.  You can even monitor how many page visitors you are getting by implementing Google Analytics tools on your website.


A website is accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This provides your customers with peace of mind and a reason to trust you. They will be aware that you are available to provide them with services, even if you only read a late-night message from them during office hours.


If you have an online shop, customers can buy products at any time. E-commerce is the modern way to shop. There is always the possibility that your shop will be making you money whilst you are sound asleep in your bed.


Now you understand the benefits, it is time to look at professional options to get you started.  Web design options.