Web Design Affordability

Web design affordability pound sign grpahic

Web design affordability is a barrier to some people attaining an online presence.  Have you ever fancied putting your small business online only to find that web designers/developers charge thousands of pounds for a website? There is a good reason why those of us in the web design business charge a rate that some people perhaps consider too much. We have trained for many years at university and honed our craft.

Part of the reason clients aiming to get a web presence think we charge too much is that they do not see us work. They do not understand how much work goes into a website. It involves both design and programming skills to attain a professional finish. In my case, I work from home, so the client does not see the time I put in. It’s different for people in other professions. If you ask someone to fit you a kitchen, you can see them working and you know what you are paying for.

However, the clients I target tend to be self-employed or small businesses that have few employees. Obviously in these situations spending £3000 to get a professionally designed website is probably unaffordable. You might be able to get your aunt’s, cousin’s, son’s friend, who will offer to make the site for peanuts. But let’s be honest. The website will be awful. I have seen plenty of those types of creations.

I want to get my work out there and make it affordable. It is for that reason that I offer pre-built websites from a template. I am able to bring high quality, professionally created websites to people who have limited means. I build these sites in WordPress usually, although some templates I use are standard websites. I can set them up quickly, and I can take care of hosting and domain name registration. Consider a pre-built website with your content added. It might just be what you are looking for at the fraction of the cost charged by agencies.